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    I'm quite fond of a furry twat.
  1. On balance, you're an ok sort of dood

  2. When you log in you will see this and wonder whether I'm actually about to

  3. I am giving advance notice that I am going to tickle you, so don't pretend you don't know

  4. I know something you don't know, and you know something I don't know. That either makes us both highly intelligent, or else we have the IQ of a couple of begonias

  5. I am lovely, and you are an ok sort of bloke too

  6. I am going to eat that last doughnut unless you object. But you'd better be quick...

  7. I am awake. I am also hungwy. You are asleep, so presumably neither hungwy nor about to get something for me to ear. Life's a bitch.

  8. I have ordered some xmas puddies so we will not starve

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